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Tara Reid From TheKnowVegas.com stopped by our office and gave a testimonial.

Ninety Percent Of Our SEO Customers Are Local and Subscribe To Our Services For Less Than $200 per month. Why?

SEOTechMasters.com is a Portland Oregon  based SEO company providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We are best known for emplying 4 of the top SEO authors in the industry. Mike Monahan, Jason McCormick, Sean Odom, and now Christian Habermann. Consistently we have brought websites that were invisible on the Internet to stand out and be noticed.




Dear Mr. Odom,

This is an unsolicited testimonial and thank you for the services we have gotten from your company.   I had tried two other SEO companies and both companies failed to deliver on their promises.   I was about to give up and let my largest competitor GPSListingService.com buy my business.    Exactly four months after we signed up with SEOTechMasters.com you brought our 4 terrible keywords on page 1 of Google up to 36.   Our traffic immediately went from 36-50 hits per day all the up to 150+ on average.  Today our average hits on our website are around 1200 per day and our sales have increased from $12,000 per month when we started to just above $120,000 per month.   A 1,000 percent increase in just 8 months!   And the WordPress website you designed gets results.  If you ever need a testimonial or a recommendation please feel free to send them my way!

Steven Catsulas – President



VSSAGE.COM is one our our clients! It is a small Sacramento massage provider in Sacramento, California using our ‘Basic Service’ package. Their sales have increased ten times as a client of SEO Technology Masters.   Her comments are as follows:

“As most of those in the “massage industry” know, this is a one of the most saturated markets on the Internet. I compete with companies such as Massage Envy, salons, spas, and independent providers as well. We have kept her site in the top 10 ranking month after month for all of her key terms. I have been a client of Sean’s for over 5 years and month after month he pays for himself!” 

—Vonda Riccardi – Owner

In fact, in July of 2013, the owner Vonda Riccardi stated she had her best month ever and even in this very tight economy where money is not being spent as much in this area as it is not a necessity. Thanks to the success of our search engine optimization (SEO) services and their ranking status of their website. She also points our that “Word of Mouth” and the Internet is her only source of advertising for her web site.

Just so you know, statistically, VSSAGE.COM used to average 0-3 visitors each day to their website. She started with SEO Technology Masters in May of 2007. Her Google Analytics account last month showed they averaged 112 unique visitors each day and no day last month had less than 76 hits which is an incredible increase and providing more work than she can handle. Her rankings on her keywords are the reason for the success.



One of our larger clients Insurance Recruiters which shops all the major markets for insurance professionals and matches them with jobs sent us a letter November 9, 2013. I published the letter below with permission:

Dear Sean Odom,

As you know in early 2012, My partner I took a chance on your company SEOTechMasters.com. Our hits and sales  dropped to almost a going out of business level the 6 months prior to coming to you.  We also used another SEO which we found to take our money and scam us while doing nothing. The toughest choices I had to make were to let employees go and regroup and ready your book.

The book I am referring to is your, “SEO For 2012″. I had a number of choices in 2012 like go out of business, take out a loan and hire a professional advertising company, or hire your SEOTechMasters.com to help. Going with your company seemed to be the smartest and cost effective choice but first I started studying your book.  After reading it I was thoroughly convinced you could get my company back where it needed to be.

Like the comments made by AccuQuality.com about how good your services are on another blog, it made me reflect on where I was just 1 year ago and it is a night and day difference.   Of course for the first several months of SEO I saw no changes and I started to doubt my decision.  I even sent you an email detailing my concerns as I recall. Then on the third month I saw us on page 1 of Google for several of our keywords. Sales started to pick up and that really was the turning point for us.   In the past year it is incredible all the things we have done with your company.   We selected 8 other primary domain names and websites you built for us, two keyword focused microsites, we have thousands of links, almost 500 total keywords on page 1 (if you combine all of our domains we have with you.) , and the total unique visits we average on each website is over 1,000 per day.   This means that we have a combined total of  about 220,000 visits per month in total.  In fact last month we added it up and it was 239,000.   Now lets talk about sales.   We brought in $12,000 or so per month on average the first three months we were with your company.   I do not want to say the exact figure now but that $12,000 is only a small fraction of what we make today.     We went from making about 10-20 sales per day to having an all time high of 862 placements in just one day last month.   Those aren’t visit numbers, that was closed, paid, people being interviewed or starting a temp position nationwide.  Unimaginable numbers at least for me.

I am so grateful to your company. I tell every business owner I meet about you.   If you ever need a reference, please email me!

Edward Turner (Ed@Insurance-Recruiters.com)
Insurance Recruiters, Inc.



“Kudos to Sean and Ken after seeing this week’s report! Practically on page one for every single keyword! Wow! “

Keith Miller — Owner Keith Miller Counseling.

 In February of 2014 we hit a milestone.  260 Keywords on page 1 in Keith Millers market.